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Zoek Job Alerts Feature

Never miss a job opportunity that’s right for you. Your job search could benefit from using our Zoek Job Alerts feature!

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Most online job hunters typically only look for new job adverts once per week, submitting a batch of applications in one sitting. This means a job advert could be almost a week old in some cases before some job seekers see it. 


Zoek’s Alerts are automated emails and push notifications of any relevant, live job matches, based on your saved search criteria, including key skills and desired job title. This ensures you never miss a job opportunity that’s well matched for you. 


Watch the video below to find out more about how to use our Zoek Alerts feature:


How to set up our Zoek Job Alerts feature 


* Register or Login to your Zoek job seekers account. 

* If you are registering for the first time, complete the registration form and enter your desired job title

* Enter your key skills and click register. 

* Go to your profile contact settings and ensure ‘Job Alerts’ is selected

* Choose your preferred frequency, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly, and click save. 


If you want to receive job alerts from additional job searches, simply conduct a search and click ‘save search’ at the top of the page, then you’re all set up! You can edit your saved searches at any time, just navigate to the ‘My Searches’ section of your profile.  


Our intelligent job matching technology will ensure your Zoek Alerts only deliver relevant job matches. So, don’t forget to check your inbox and enable push notifications if you’re using our Zoek app on mobile devices.


Now you’ll be able to regularly take advantage of fresh job adverts and only apply for the jobs that matter to you!